Adventure Awaits: DIY Overnight Camping at Treasure Mountain, Tanay, Rizal

Treasure Mountain

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Being a local from Rizal, we explored sites near my hometown (Morong, Rizal). We opted for an overnight camp at Treasure Mountain in Sitio Maysawa, Barangay Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal. The experience was delightful, with memorable photos to cherish. Tanay is renowned for its numerous camping sites, perfect for groups and couples seeking overnight adventures and bonfires. If you’re a fan of outdoor camping, this blog article is tailor-made for you.

The packages and the price in Treasure Mountain

Treasure Mountain Package for 2
Treasure Mountain Package for 2

To secure a spot at Treasure Mountain, we contacted them through Messenger for advanced booking. We opted for the PHP 1,500 package for 2, which includes a camping tent, pillow, blanket, and breakfast. To enjoy more space and have the best mountain views, we upgraded to a tent for 4 at an additional cost of PHP 500. Our total booking came to PHP 2,000 for the two of us. Below are the packages in Treasure Mountain as of December 27, 2023.

Packages in Treasure Mountain
Packages in Treasure Mountain

As mentioned, you can book your slot at Treasure Mountain via messenger. Their customer service is very responsive and prompt in replies, allowing you to pay for your stay conveniently.

How to go to Treasure Mountain?

Night camp in Treasure Mountain
Night camp in Treasure Mountain

I’ve frequented Treasure Mountain many times, but this visit was my first on a motorcycle. Previously, motorcycles were restricted due to rocky roads but not impassable for larger vehicles like Raptors 4×4.

If you are planning to visit Treasure Mountain using public transportation from Manila, options include the Shaw Boulevard Jeepney (PHP 55 per person) or Van (PHP 100 per person) to Tanay. Choose from three locations: in front of Chowking at Greenfield, the van in front of Starmall Shaw, or the jeepneys at Parklea.

Once in Tanay, you can inquire with tricycle drivers offering trips to Treasure Mountain (though this can be quite pricey, starting at PHP 500). We were fortunate to have a motorcycle in Rizal, saving us a significant amount on transportation costs. Plus, we can stop at good spots by the side of the road. The motorcycle ride from San Guillermo, Morong, Rizal to Treasure Mountain took us about 1.5 hours.

Massage Chair

My partner treated me to a massage, which cost him PHP 400 for the two of us. We chose a one-hour session in the massage chair and found ourselves so relaxed that we fell asleep. However, we realized it might be better to go for a shorter, 15 to 30-minute massage, as our muscles felt a bit sore afterward.

Breakfast in Treasure Mountain

The breakfast at Treasure Mountain is incredibly generous, with large portions and excellent taste. My partner even requested extra rice because the servings of Bangus and Tapa were so substantial, deserving a second helping. I highly recommend the Bangsilog—it’s truly delicious. Here are the choices for the free breakfast meal:

  • Bangsilog
  • Tapsilog
  • Longsilog
  • Hotsilog
  • Chicksilog

The Camping Experience

Morning view in Treasure Mountain
Morning view in Treasure Mountain

The gentle breeze and the scent of the trees created a calming atmosphere, allowing us to recharge our drained souls. The camping tent was equipped with a comfortable foam that made staying inside a delight. Opting for the 4-person tent provided ample space, allowing us to stretch out. We spent our time talking about various things, strengthening our relationship in this serene setting.

Cooking Noodles Using Butane and Stove

Cooking Noodles in Treasure Mountain
Cooking Noodles in Treasure Mountain

One of our best moments was cooking Korean noodles using a butane stove. Armed with our camping tools, we collaborated to create a memorable experience. The hot soup not only satisfied our taste buds but also helped us endure the chilly winds.

Bonfire in Treasure Mountain

The bonfire was smaller than I remembered from past visits, but it still provided a cozy atmosphere. We enjoyed capturing moments with photos and videos beside the flames, creating lasting memories.

Stop Overs

Kape Natividad
Kape Natividad

Our camping experience allowed us to explore some excellent coffee shops in Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal. One standout was Kape Natividad, offering delightful food and drinks with speedy service and friendly staff. We highly recommend trying their pizza and Batirol for a satisfying treat.

There are good places to visit aside from Kape Natividad. Here are some good recommendations:

Chocolate Drink in BNK
Chocolate Drink in BNK
  • BNK
  • Coffee Periodt.
  • Yeyi’s Pizza
  • Samgupsal Place
  • Martessem
  • Sierra Madre
  • Daranak Falls
  • Cielo Alto
  • Other camping sites

The Beauty you can see from above and from below

Treasure Mountain Rock Formations
Treasure Mountain Rock Formations

The highlight of our camping experience was undoubtedly the breathtaking panoramic view from above—lush mountains and trees that our camera couldn’t quite capture. What our eyes witnessed surpassed the photos we took. The presence of rock formations added to the aesthetics, creating a true mountain adventure vibe.

Night camping in Treasure Mountain
Night camping in Treasure Mountain

At night, the highlight is the clear skies, offering a perfect view of the stars. Lying on the grass, you can contemplate and think clearly, connecting with the beauty of the universe above.

We recommend bringing your coffee, boiled or hot water, drinking water, and disposable cups, as the coffee in Treasure Mountain can be a bit pricey (given its remote location). Don’t forget to pack a jacket to stay warm in the chilly mountain air.

Camping Activities

Camping Activities in Treasure Mountain
Camping Activities in Treasure Mountain

Treasure Mountain offers additional camping activities for 2 and 4 persons, including an iced or hot barrel bath, high rope obstacle course, giant seesaw, and spider web climbing. Although we didn’t try these activities, they are available for those seeking more adventure during their visit.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you’d like more personalized recommendations. Check out our blog for detailed insights on DIY travel in Puerto Galera and Boracay via sea. Safe travels!

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