Sun, Sea, and Serenity: Your Ultimate DIY Guide to Puerto Galera Travel

Puerto Galera Beach

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Spontaneity led us to two amazing weekends in Puerto Galera. The first week was unplanned, a sudden decision to escape Batangas. And the second one is planned and budgeted already. Get ready for the adventure as I share the details of our impromptu DIY travel from Batangas to Puerto Galera and the most unforgettable spots we discovered.

How to go to Puerto Galera from Batangas?

Fastcraft ferry
Fastcraft ferry

Curious about getting to Puerto Galera from Batangas? Here’s our DIY journey: Commuted from Bauan (where my partner lives), hopped on a tricycle to Batangas Port, and snagged a ticket to Balatero Port in Puerto Galera. Opted for the Fastcraft Ferry on a whim—spontaneous decision, no plans, fashionably late, and loving it!

About the ticket from Batangas to Puerto Galera

Choices, choices! For island hopping, you’ve got the Fastcraft Ferry—pricier but speedy, saving an hour. Then there’s the RoRo, a bit slower but budget-friendly compared to the FastCat. Pick your pace, pick your price. If you’re after the experience, the RoRo is my top pick. With an open-air setting, we enjoyed a nap and some rest before and after Puerto Galera, soaking in the sea’s beauty. But if cozy vibes are your thing, then fast craft is the way to go.

Environmental Fee in Puerto Galera

In addition to the ticket, there’s an environmental fee of PHP 120 per person. Upon arrival, complete an online form and have a copy of your accommodation ready. An advanced booking is necessary to present to the Department of Tourism staff at the port.

Motorcycle Rent in Puerto Galera

SSD Motorcycle rentals

Guess what? In Puerto Galera, you’ve got the chance to hop on a rented motorcycle for just PHP 600, good for 1 day (24 hours), if you’re up for the ride. It’s a game-changer—more freedom to explore, and more time to savor the stunning spots without burning a hole in your pocket on tricycle rides. We went for it not once but twice at the port—and tried the Burgman which cost us PHP 600. But there are also other choices like Aerox at PHP 700 and Honda Click at PHP 600.

Contact Us

Oh, and let me tell you, the owner? Total gem. Super kind and always ready with quick responses. Now that’s how you roll in Puerto Galera! You may visit their Facebook Page (SSD Motorbike Rentals). And when you drop by, keep an eye out for Christopher—he’s the friendly owner of the motorcycle rental shop!

The accommodation in Puerto Galera

Our first trip to Puerto Galera left its mark, but the accommodation at Buena Lynne’s Resort (PHP 1,224.65)didn’t quite measure up to expectations. The second time around, we opted for Jea’s Accommodation (for only PHP 450), and it turned out to be the best decision. Despite not being beachfront, it was an enjoyable experience. Living among the locals, having access to karinderias, affordable BBQ joints, and the nearest 7/11—just made the entire stay more delightful!

What to see in Puerto Galera?

From my first blog about Boracay, you may have had an idea of what kind of traveler we are. We always visit the roadless-traveled spots. We look for the places where the locals are going because they know where to go and they know where to eat!

The Underwater Cave in Puerto Galera

The Underwater Cave in Puerto Galera
The Underwater Cave in Puerto Galera

The underwater cave is just a short yet memorable experience. This part of our trip is part of the water package we opt-in for PHP 1,800. We had a lot of cool and amazing photos to cherish and also an experience of eating sea urchins.

Sea Urchin Experience in Puerto Galera
Sea Urchin Experience in Puerto Galera

A sea urchin vendor offered 3 cut sea urchins for PHP 100. While my partner wasn’t a fan, I embraced the experience. The taste resembled fish eggs, and the vinegar complemented the flavor perfectly. Sometimes, the best memories come from trying something unexpected.

The Lighthouse of Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera Old Lighthouse
Puerto Galera Lighthouse

Although not a designated tourist spot, we stumbled upon this picturesque lighthouse on our way to Puerto Galera. Captivated by the charm of lighthouses, we couldn’t resist stopping for photos. Note to self: Wear sunscreen, as the only shade comes from the surrounding trees.

Coral Garden in Puerto Galera

The underwater world’s enchanting beauty made us wish we could stay forever, whispering, ‘Let me sink and become one with the corals.’ Opting for a water tour package at PHP 1,800 for two to three people, the experience surpassed words. In gratitude, we added a tip for the boatman who shared this mesmerizing journey.

Tamaraw Falls

Tamaraw Falls
Tamaraw Falls in Puerto Galera

To truly savor the enchantment of this place, an early morning visit is a must. As the sun rises, the cascading waterfalls become a symphony of nature’s melodies, a soothing balm for the soul. Beat the crowds and let the gentle sounds of the falls immerse you in the pure, untouched beauty of the surroundings, fulfilling your long-craved connection with nature.

We are not sure if you can hop on the Tamaraw statue but my partner would like to. I just told him not to.

Talipanan Mangyan Village

Mangyan Village Tour Guide

Our visit to the Mangyan Village was unplanned, and initially aimed at exploring Talipanan Falls. As we parked the rented motorcycle, a Mangyan stepped in as our guide. After registering our names, the unexpected journey unfolded, revealing the rich lives, livelihoods, cultures, and traditions of the Mangyan people in Mindoro. Walking with our guide, we absorbed their stories during the 10-minute trek from the Mangyan village to Talipanan Falls. Though exhilarating, the impromptu adventure proved physically demanding, catching us off guard. If you are into camping, trekking, or hiking, you should not skip this part of your visit to Puerto Galera!

Talipanan Falls

Talipanan Falls in Puerto Galera
Talipanan Falls in Puerto Galera

After the 10-minute trek, we found this hidden gem of Puerto Galera. Dipping into the waters of Talipanan Falls was truly an extraordinary experience. The cold yet calming water invoked a sense of peace and tranquility. I dream of returning to this place, perhaps setting up a tent, to immerse myself in the serene waters that not only refreshed my body but also brought peace to my soul.

The Galleon Ship at Muelle Puerto Gallera

This is a good place to take photos, you may check what’s inside the Galleon ship on my travel album.

If you’re a One Piece fan and dream of becoming a pirate or marine, this is the place to turn your imagination into reality.

Rocks in between the Tamaraw Beach and Puerto Galera White Beach

Beyond the bustling beachfront and picturesque routes, hidden among the folds of the island, lie these solitary rock formations. Here, we found a quiet refuge to reflect on life, spending hours immersed in the tranquil embrace of the surroundings. Taking refreshing dips in the crystal-clear waters, we embraced the serenity that permeated the place, creating moments of profound introspection and connection with the natural beauty of the island.

Sabang, White Beach

At Sabang White Beach, Puerto Galera’s commercial hub, we enjoyed the bustling atmosphere. While the shore is shorter than Boracay’s stations, the vibrant surroundings offered various attractions like fire dances, tattoo shops, pizzerias, clothing stores, massage parlors, and enticing Samgyupsal restaurants. Looking forward to exploring these on our next visit!

Aplayang Munti

Aplyang Munti
Aplyang Munti

At Aplyang Munti, a statue of Mary and a long rock provide a picturesque spot to capture memories and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze. Though our stay was brief, it added a touch of beauty to our journey as we headed towards Tamaraw Beach.

What else can you see in Puerto Galera?

Souvenir Shops

We snagged personalized wallets at a steal—10 pesos each, perfect for sharing joy with officemates. On the second trip, my partner added 15 more to spread the love. Oops, forgot my Puerto Galera magnet—a collector’s essential for our fridge travel gallery!


We’re not the type of travelers who frequent expensive restaurants; we prefer exploring local offerings. Near the beachfront, we recommend trying these:

  • Mango Iskrambol or Ice Scramble
Ate Viena's Mango Iskrambol or Ice Scramble
Ate Viena’s Mango Iskrambol or Ice Scramble
  • Andoks Chicken

Andoks Chicken

  • Chicken and Pork with Unlimited Soup

The Nightlife in Puerto Galera

In the two weekends we spent in Puerto Galera, its nightlife gifted us the best memories. It’s the place to enjoy alcohol and music. We explored only three restaurants/resto-bars where my partner and I heard good music and felt good vibes. Personally, compared to Boracay, Puerto Galera offers the best nightlife.

These are the Restobars that we have visited:

Seaside Grill and Restobar

Fire dance in Seaside Frill and Restaurant
Fire dance in Seaside Frill and Restaurant

The music here is fantastic, and although we only enjoyed a bottle of Red Horse each, planning to hop to other bars, the waitresses were amusing and entertaining. They also host fire dance shows from 7 PM to 8 PM. You can tip and capture incredible photos or videos as the fire dancers showcase their dazzling tricks right beside you.

Ugat Mindoro

Ugat Restaurant at Puerto Galera
Ugat Restaurant at Puerto Galera

We stumbled upon this restaurant twice and had a blast, embracing the lively atmosphere and savoring its delicious Shanghai rolls. The place perfectly matched our vibe, leading us to halt our search for other bars. A spot worth revisiting for its great ambiance and tasty treats. We also made new friends here since my partner became somewhat famous after singing with the band from this restaurant.

The Bar at the Top of Bathala Restaurant

My partner jamming with the guitarist

I forgot the name of the bar at the top of Bathala Restobar, but we had one bottle here just to try the vibe. We didn’t like the music that much, but my partner jammed with them and sang two songs accompanied by a guitar (though the guitarist is not that good). We just stayed here for a short time.


Summing up the experience, I’d say that Puerto Galera will be the place for us to go whenever we want to recharge and remind us of how we want to stay together as a couple. Puerto Galera will always be one of the best experiences that I’ll treasure forever.

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