My Story

In the confines of my introverted nature, I used to shun the idea of venturing beyond the comforts of home, falling into a monotonous routine of work, sleep, eat, and repeat. This self-imposed isolation led me down a path of depression, disconnecting me from the world outside. As I lost friends and my sense of self, I realized the value of embracing change and exploring life beyond my comfort zone. It's a journey towards rediscovery, one step at a time.

In this vast world, life goes on with or without us. Why confine ourselves to the expectations of others? Today, let's break free and do what makes us feel truly alive!

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I am an advocate of digital transformation

Treasure mountain journey

Traveler | Digital Marketer | Data Analyst

I love hiking, writing poems, photography, videography, and sleeping. I am an INTJ and my zodiac sign is Cancer. I am a walking paradox to sum it all up. I do word plays but am inclined toward numbers. I like to be alone but I am okay surrounded by people. I can be the life of the party, but would rather be at home by myself. Indeed, a walking Paradox.

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