Hello, 2024: A Warm Island Welcome from Boracay!

Boracay Sand Castle

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Excited for our first New Year getaway in Boracay! It’s a special time spent away from our families, ringing in the new year together. Want to join us? Check out our article on traveling to Boracay by sea. Stay tuned for our 2024 New Year adventure—it’s an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss on your next travel agenda!

From Batangas to Caticlan via 2Go

2Go Ship

Surprised by the crowded 2Go Ferries on our trip to Boracay. Unlike our last journey, this one was fully booked! We settled into tourist class, snagging an upper bunk. Luckily, we found empty lower bunks and made ourselves comfortable. Despite the crowd, we managed to catch some Z’s and enjoy the voyage.

La Oviedo

La Oviedo in Boracay
La Oviedo in Boracay

Opting to stay at La Ovideo near Bulabog Beach was a fantastic choice. This budget-friendly inn offers convenient access to D’Mall and Bulabog Beach. Nearby sari-sari stores and karinderias serve delicious local fare. The hospitality of the locals truly enhanced our experience and made our stay memorable.


Halo Mango in Boracay
Halo Mango in Boracay
  • Halo Mango is not that good. We tried it and were never really hooked from the first up to the last bite. It tastes like Tang Mango, as in. This is overhyped and overpriced.
Affordable Mango Shake in Boracay
Affordable Mango Shake in Boracay
  • Mango Shake. We never miss a day without indulging in mango shakes from this spot. They’re not only affordable but also incredibly delicious and refreshing.
  • Local Karinderia. Local karinderias never disappoint. They’re affordable and offer a delightful culinary experience.
Bindonggo in Boracay
Bindonggo in Boracay
  • Bindonggo and Chicken Inasal. Returning to Korr’s Cafe for Boracay’s Bindonggo was a highlight. Their consistency never fails to impress. Plus, their chicken inasal, more affordable than Mang Inasal, is always a hit.
Andoks Boracay
Andoks Boracay
  • Andoks, Andoks, Andoks! I have already lost count of how many times we have eaten in Andok’s Boracay. It’s already comfort food and a place for us.
Delicious Tacos in Boracay Island
Delicious Tacos on Boracay Island
  • Tacos. I forgot the name of the taco shop, but trust me, it’s a must-try! I’ve never been a huge fan of strong spices in Mexican food, but this place made my day. I’m getting another order on my next visit.

Boracay Fireworks Display

Experiencing the fireworks competition among Boracay’s top hotels was the highlight of our trip. The dazzling lights and the joyous atmosphere created an unforgettable moment. Sharing this magical experience with my partner made it even more special. It’s truly a must-see spectacle on the island.

It’s a bit disappointing that my family couldn’t join me for this amazing experience. However, I’m hopeful that in the future, I’ll be able to bring them along to enjoy the beauty of Boracay together. I’m motivated to work harder to make this dream a reality for us.


We have visited a lot of places this time. We made sure to enjoy each moment and just be in the moment this time.

Hidden gems

Hidden Gems in Boracay Island
Hidden Gems on Boracay Island

Surely, there are a lot of places that we did not visit on our first travel to Boracay Island. Truly mesmerizing.

The Vibe

We’re big music lovers, so when we find a spot with great tunes and talented singers, we’re all in. We ended up having a bit too much fun, leaning on each other as we made our way back home. Here are the bars where we enjoyed the music and some good eats:

‘Lil Time Boracay

'Lil Time Boracay

The crowd thins out during the rain, creating a unique and intimate atmosphere. It was also our first time collaborating—I’m not much of a singer, but I couldn’t resist joining in with my partner. While the food here may be pricey, it’s worth it for the experience of dining by the beach.

Bar 2

The musicians here are incredibly talented and professional. They effortlessly bring songs to life, taking requests and making them their own. One standout performance was Phoebe’s rendition of “Sayang na Sayang” by Aegis—it’s still etched in my memory. I’m eagerly looking forward to hearing her sing again in person.

The food here is simply delightful. From the crispy calamares to the sweet beer, every bite and sip adds to the vibrant atmosphere. You’ll find yourself wishing for more, just to prolong the enjoyment of the moment.

The People

Having visited Boracay twice yearly, I’ve noticed how crowded the beach gets during the December long weekends. It’s bustling with both foreigners and Filipinos celebrating the new year. While I appreciate the boost to the local economy, navigating through the crowds can be challenging compared to previous visits.

Very sweet Korean couple in Boracay
Very sweet Korean couple in Boracay

We made friends with a charming Korean couple who asked us to take their photo. Boracay attracts a diverse crowd, including Koreans and other nationalities. It’s common to see confident individuals flaunting their fit bodies and sun-kissed skin, all drawn to the Philippines’ beautiful beaches.


Sunset in Boracay
Sunset in Boracay

We got to witness the last sunset of 2023 and the first sunset of 2024 and let me tell you, it was an incredible experience! The feeling was beyond amazing and the memory will stay with me forever.

As I think about leaving Boracay, a wave of sadness and anxiety washes over me. The vacation felt way too short, and it’s hard to say goodbye to such a beautiful place. Boracay, you will be missed.

A Happy New Year in Boracay

A Very Happy New Year in Boracay

We had a blast in Boracay! Celebrating the New Year here was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Although we missed being with our families, the experience of being alone together in such a special place was truly unforgettable.

We ate, we got drunk, we met a lot of people of different skin and languages. We had a memory that only the two of us could talk about.

The hardest part of our travel is going home

Port of Roxas
Port of Roxas

Having landed a new job in Makati with a start date of January 2, 2024, we found ourselves in a frenzy. Determined to make it on time, we splurged on tickets for the earliest ferry, despite the hefty price tag. Thankfully, kind strangers offered us rides, making our rushed journey a bit smoother. Although I was late for my first day at work, the cherished memories of our New Year’s trip to Boracay with my partner made it all worthwhile.

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