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Welcome to 'My Travel Photo Album,' a personal journey unfolding through vivid snapshots. Explore and discover the travel destinations in the Philippines and beyond, witnessing not just places but the stories and lessons each destination shares. Join me in this visual diary of wanderlust, filled with adventures, discoveries, and the beauty that fuels my passion for exploration!

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Boracay Adventure

Dive into the magic of Boracay through my eyes! Join me on a virtual journey filled with sunsets, sandy shores, and unforgettable moments. Read my Boracay experience now!

Lambros Point

Lambros Point

Sunset in Boracay

Sunset by the Beach

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera White Beach

Aplayang Munti

Puerto Galera Overlooking


Nestled in the mountains of the Philippines, Baguio City is a charming retreat known for its cool climate, scenic pine-covered landscapes, and vibrant markets. Famous for the Burnham Park and Mines View Park, this city offers a perfect blend of cultural richness and natural beauty, making it a popular hill station destination.

Puerto Galera

Discover the beauty of Puerto Galera, a tropical paradise in the Philippines! With its crystal-clear waters, stunning beaches, and vibrant marine life, it’s a haven for beach lovers and adventure seekers. Enjoy serene moments on the less-crowded Bulabog Beach and dive into the lively nightlife at White Beach.


Explore Masbate, where serene beaches meet cultural richness! Known for its lively festivals, pristine coastlines, and warm locals, Masbate offers a unique Philippine experience. Discover stunning coral reefs, attend the colorful Rodeo Masbateño, and create lasting memories in this charming province. Masbate welcomes you with open arms and exciting adventures!


Discover Rizal Province, a haven near Manila! Nestled amid lush landscapes, it’s a perfect escape for nature lovers. Explore Tanay’s breathtaking sights, from the famous Treasure Mountain to lush waterfalls. Dive into Morong’s historical charm, and savor local treats. Rizal is your gateway to serenity and adventure just a stone’s throw away!


Embrace the beauty of Batangas! A province brimming with charm, it boasts stunning beaches, picturesque landscapes, and a rich cultural heritage. Dive into Anilao’s vibrant underwater world, bask in the sun at Nasugbu’s beaches, and explore Taal’s historical wonders. Batangas is a delightful blend of nature, history, and warm hospitality!