DIY Travel to Roxas City: Exploring the Flavors of the Seafood Capital of the Philippines

Roxas City People's Park

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Roxas City wasn’t on my travel radar this year since our original plan was to visit here last year, but I must admit, it turned out to be quite a delightful surprise. Known as the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines,” the city lived up to its reputation. My visit was brief, just a single day, yet I felt there was so much more to explore.

As a newbie, I found that planning a DIY trip to Roxas was unexpectedly simple. Once you master the art of DIY travel, it unlocks a realm of affordable, exciting, and hassle-free adventures. I’m fortunate to have a partner who is savvy with destinations and travel logistics. I hope this piece ignites your curiosity about exploring Roxas City one day. So, let’s jump right in!

How to Reach Roxas City from Batangas Port?

2Go Ferry

As someone who works remotely, flexibility with time is a luxury. Instead of flying from Manila, I opted for a ferry ride with 2Go from Batangas to Caticlan (since there were no direct routes to Roxas that day). The journey itself was part of the adventure. Upon reaching Caticlan, we hopped on a van bound for Roxas City, which cost PHP 450.00 per person and took about 1.5 hours. The van terminates at Roxas City Integrated Transport Terminal, where you can catch buses heading to Gigantes Islands or Iloilo City.

Places to Visit in Roxas City

There are a lot of scenic and mad-made spots in Roxas City. But since I have a limited time staying, I only opted-in to spots that are near our accommodation.

Ruinz of Alcatraz

We made it to the spot but could only admire it from the outside since it was closed by the time we arrived. It’s essential to be there before 6:00 PM; otherwise, you’ll miss out on witnessing the impressive architecture. It was quite disappointing not to experience it fully. Despite what Google Maps says about being open 24 hours, that’s unfortunately not accurate.

If you’re ever in Roxas City, make sure to visit the Ruins of Alcatraz. This historical site stands as a testament to a bygone era, with its imposing facade and intricate stonework capturing the imagination of all who see it. Though we haven’t explored its depths, the exterior alone speaks volumes about the rich history and mystery waiting within.

The Culasi Lighthouse

A quick break and picture taking on our way to Culasi Lighthouse
A quick break and picture-taking on our way to Culasi Lighthouse

Before reaching the Culasi Lighthouse, we came across a quaint little house along the path. It provided the perfect opportunity to snap a quick photo and take a much-needed break, having been walking non-stop and climbing stairs to get to Culasi Lighthouse and The Edge.

Culasi Lighthouse
Culasi Lighthouse
You can easily see that this lighthouse has been lovingly maintained. While I’m tempted to edit the photo to remove the people in the background, I want to preserve the authentic beauty of this memory. The journey here wasn’t difficult, though we weren’t quite prepared for the walks and stairs. Arriving by 5:00 PM is perfect to catch the sunset, making it an ideal time to visit. Keep in mind, like the Ruins of Alcatraz, this place closes at 6:00 PM.
Culasi Lighthouse Sunset
Sunset Watching at Culasi Lighthouse

This spot is perfect for watching the sunset. The scent of the trees and the gentle breeze make it even more special. We marveled at how the sun dipped into the sea and was thrilled about our upcoming visit to The Edge. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay until the end of the sunset because The Edge closes at 6:00 PM. We had to rush to ensure we could still enjoy the swing!

The Edge

We only had a few minutes to stay here and feel the place since it was about to close. You need to pay PHP 20.00 per person to enter this spot. We quickly took a photo on the swing and with some man-made furniture for photo taking. I am actually afraid of heights, so I don’t have any decent photos on the swing. In contrast, my partner enjoys the height and doesn’t get thrilled by it at all.

Swinging at the The Edge
Swinging at The Edge

This spot offers an amazing view that combines the vibrant city and the calm sea. Even though I felt a bit nervous being up so high, my partner stood confidently and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery without any fear. It was a memorable experience for both of us.

Small Statues of People in The Edge
Small Statues of People in The Edge

There are so many fascinating sights to capture at The Edge, like these intriguing statues by the swing. I’m not entirely sure what these statues represent. If you happen to know, please share your insights in the comment section – it would mean a lot! We didn’t get the chance to ask anyone since we were here alone; even the caretakers had already left. If you are going to visit Roxas City, this spot is a must-go.

Food Bazaar at Culasi Road

Near the Parola beside the sea, you’ll see many motorcycles and cars parked. There are lots of stalls selling barbecues, fishballs, and even fancy coffee shops. Personally, I’m intrigued by the roasted bread glazed with barbecue sauce. During our visit, we opted for our usual favorites: Inihaw na Isaw and Bulaklak. After enjoying our meal, we strolled along the waterfront to savor the cool breeze and admire the beautiful sunset over the horizon.

Eating Barbecue at the Culasi Road
Eating Barbecue at the Culasi Road

We took a break here, smoking cigarettes and drinking soft drinks to relax after walking continuously. It was a much-needed pause in our journey to recharge and gather our energy for the next leg.

Roxas City People’s Park

Roxas City Fountain with Dancing Lights
Roxas City Fountain with Dancing Lights

When you visit Roxas City People’s Park, you’ll see a fountain with dancing lights, small cars for adults and kids to drive around the plaza, the seaside view, and seafood restaurants. We had a few beers and enjoyed the karaoke at Mike’s Kitchen. The customers here are amazing singers, just like my partner.

The park is always lively, with families and friends gathering to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Children laugh and play, and the scent of delicious seafood fills the air. It’s a place where you can truly relax and soak in the local culture.

As the night goes on, the lights from the fountain create a magical atmosphere. The sound of the waves and the music from the karaoke blend together, making it a perfect spot for making memories. It’s a simple yet fulfilling experience that captures the heart of Roxas City.

Restaurants in Roxas City

The Roxas City People’s Park area has plenty of places to eat. You’ll find spots that are easy on the wallet and great for groups since they serve meals big enough to share. There aren’t many places offering individual dishes, though.

The atmosphere around the park is vibrant, with locals and tourists enjoying the variety of food choices. It’s a great spot to relax, enjoy a meal, and soak in the lively surroundings.

Albason’s Ihaw-Ihaw

Foods in Alabason's Ihaw-Ihaw
Roasted Blue Marlin, Grilled Squid, and Sinigang na Blue Marlin

This is where we had our dinner. We ordered Sinigang na Blue Marlin Fish, Grilled Blue Marlin Fish, and Grilled Squid. I will never forget how soft the squid was and how it melted in my mouth. The Sinigang was simple, yet it tasted so good. I will never forget how delicious the food was. We will go back here for sure.

The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff made the experience even better. It felt like we were eating at a friend’s house, and every bite was a reminder of how good food and good company can make an evening truly special.

Other Restaurants

I will also mention some of the restaurants you’ll see when you visit Roxas City People’s Park. I don’t have the menu for these restaurants but for sure they have social media accounts where you can look for their menu.

  • Nana’s Kitchenette
  • Bitoy’s
  • Jacque’s Coffee and Chill
  • Reese’s by Chef Joel
  • Escapade Restobar
  • RXS Sizzling House
  • Harry’s Seafood Palutuan
  • ALMAX Grill and Restaurant

Pete’s Inn

We spent a night here and left at 5:30 in the morning to get to Gigantes Island early. Pete’s Inn is affordable and close to stores like 7-Eleven. It’s also near the main road, so you can easily catch a tricycle or taxi. They provide free hot and cold drinking water from dispensers. The place is quiet, but the water pressure is a bit weak, so we made sure to fill the bucket. Despite this, our stay was comfortable and convenient.

Tricycle Fare

In Roxas City, you can take a tricycle almost anywhere. From Pete’s Inn, it only cost us PHP 20.00 to PHP 25.00 per person. The price was the same from Pete’s Inn to the Roxas City Integrated Transport Terminal. We also saw that there was no traffic in Roxas City, even though we visited during a holiday.

Exploring Roxas City this way made our trip easy and stress-free. The smooth rides and affordable fares gave us more time to enjoy the local sights and culture without worrying about getting stuck in traffic.

Roxas City Integrated Transport Terminal

If you are planning to visit Gigantes Island and Iloilo City, this is where you need to go. You will see a bus that offers rides to Carles and Iloilo City.


I will definitely visit Roxas City again, but maybe just for one day and one night. There aren’t many places to see, but there are lots of delicious foods to taste. Make sure to check out the spots we mentioned. If you know of any good places or restaurants we haven’t included in this blog, please leave a comment so we can visit them next time.

If you’re thinking about a DIY trip to Gigantes Island, our next blog will show you how easy it is to explore its wonders. Stay tuned for tips and tricks to make your adventure smooth and memorable.

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